I have to admit there is a bit of bias in trying to explain how awesome, talented, beautiful and absolutely amazing Mel is, especially at her craft.

She co-owns Nova Films (on Facebook HERE), a local cinematography company. She adores weddings. She adores stories. And she’s incredibly talented.

The bias exist because I’ve known Mel for years, well since High School ( just a few years, right? 😉 ). She’s grown into a great artist that has so much passion for her art.



Her husband, Dave Rollins, is the other half of Nova Films. He had a few words to say about his beautiful wife, and even added some comments to certain questions.

Here is Dave’s introduction:

For Melanie it’s all about the feeling. The amazing thing about her is how she weaves the best moments of a Wedding Day into a 4 minute film that takes you back to the day and makes you feel it all over again. If you want complete strangers who watch your wedding film to feel like they were there, Mel can help you.



 1-      How did you get started in this business? What brought you to becoming a Cinematographer?

I was a bride not so long ago. And, like a lot of brides, I spent hours & hours online searching for the photographer who I felt could best capture my day. When I did, I also fell in love with the “cinema” portion of their packages. I have always had a movie obsession. I watch them differently than most. I look at light and movement. I listen to them. I feel them.

Anyways, I became a little obsessed with watching their wedding videos. Crying while people I didn’t know were saying their vows. These films were so refreshing. Cinematic. Not the long, boring videos from the past. These were like little movies. They were wedding STORIES. This is when I decided I needed to learn this craft. I NEEDED to be able offer this feeling to other local brides who, like me, are into the stories. I dreamed of it, I planned for it, I researched, I made up all kinds of “perfect world” scenarios where I could follow this need. And one day, I just DID. I jumped in and have never looked back.


2-      What is the difference between a Videographer and a Cinematographer?

A videographer is someone who shoots video. A cinematographer uses light, composition, sound and movement to tell a story.


3-      What are the advantages for a Bride & Groom to hire a Cinematographer?

Your wedding is important. And the memories are fleeting. A cinematographer can tell your story back to you and make you FEEL your day again.


4-      Do you have a few examples of favourite moments you’ve captured?

Mmmmm…. Tears rolling down dad’s face during a first dance. Or, groom’s jaw dropping when he sees his bride for the first time. I also love the sounds of the laughing, the voice breaking, the squeals.

DAVE: One of the first weddings we shot cinema, the bride walked down the aisle to her mother’s wedding song. Her mother didn’t know it was going to happen but I did. I was able to capture the moment when she realized that it was HER song playing, the joy that filled her face and the tears that poured out of her afterward.


5-      What are 5 things a Bride & Groom should consider before meeting with you?

1 – The most important thing to me is if you’re willing to be open. If we’re going to tell your wedding story, we need to get to know you. So we ask all kinds of silly questions to try to get into your brain. If this makes you uncomfortable, that’s perfectly fine. But we are probably not the right professionals for you.

2 – Can you be flexible? Sometimes, the best moments are completely unscripted. Are you willing to go with it when magic strikes? We promise not to make you late. Lol

3 – Think about your expectations and talk to us about them. For example, what and who would you like to see featured? Communication is the key to a great film.

4 – Will you be able to trust us to make the right artistic choices and let us do our thing once the day is over? We get it. These are some of the most precious and intimate moments you’ll experience in your life. We’ll treat them with all the respect and love they deserve.

5 – Financial investment. What is your budget? How do you want to use it?


6-      How much time does it take to edit an average wedding?

It really depends. There is generally a LOT of footage to look though to find the best moments. That takes time and attention to detail. Music selection is also key. The soundtrack is what moves the story in my films. Sometimes I get lucky and find the perfect song quickly.  Sometimes it is hours of hunting. After that, the piece kind of grows around the music. To me, the story is alive. Like a climbing plant that grows and wraps itself around the soundtrack, that’s where the magic is for me.


7-      What drives you to stay in this business? What is your favourite part?

That’s easy. The brides and grooms. I LOVE my couples. I love getting to know them. I love sharing in their stories. I love their reactions when they see their film for the first time. I admit, I love it when they cry.

 DAVE: As support staff the things that drive me are mostly in the capture. As a photographer I love the challenge of adding the elements of time, movement and sound to moments I shoot. The choices I can make to create more emotional impact, more beautiful imagery and tell more of the story in less time is the things that get me excited. I’m driven by the depth of emotion and life that is packed into a wedding day. The weight of the trust our clients put in us when they share one of the biggest days of their lives with us, moves and drives me to capture something amazing for Mel to work with when she edits the film. I love weddings! I love the romance. I love the raw emotion. I love the excitement and the energy. I even love the crazy! I love sharing such an important and powerful experience with our couples


Can we also take a moment to appreciate the beautiful flowers that bordered Mel & Dave’s property?



And we cannot forget Charlie, who was very entertaining during the shoot!



And, as usual for this series, we are looking for even more incredible wedding professionals. If you have an awesome person who you think might be interested in being part of this series, please do not hesitate to contact us (contact@photocaptiva.com) , leave a name here or on Facebook. 


We’ve approached a few people to get this series started, but would love more input from our friends, family and clients! Don’t be shy 🙂

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